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Workshop Weekend Cornwall

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I’m really pleased to announce that i’m headed back to teach at Oceanflow Yoga in Newquay, Cornwall at the end of June this year!

Over the weekend I will be teaching four workshops - have a read about it all below..



11:30 - 14:30PM Get Your Headstand Happening – Headstands for Beginners and to refine your alignment.

At the start of our inversions practice, the first major milestone for many after shoulder stand, is to be able Headstand!
This workshop will give you the foundational tools to develop the confidence, strength, mobility to find balance and ease in your headstand practice.
All levels of practitioner are welcomed and encourage to attend, there will be plenty of progressions and regressions offered so that each individual feels comfortable in the development of their practice.
Join us on the mart for this fun & empowering workshop!


15:00 - 18:00PM Yoga for Surfers with Dan Morgan: For Yogis looking to Surf and Surfers looking to Yoga!

When we explore the practices of Surfing, Yoga & mobility – the closer we look, the more common threads we will begin to uncover.

Various aspects of the Yoga practice are useful, relevant, effective and complimentary tools that we can utilise to better enhance our physical training and mindset for when we are in the water.

This workshop explores different aspects of the Yoga and mobility, and looks how each aspect can be specifically applied to the world of Surfing.

• Explore, experience and gain deeper insight into different breathing methods + mindset principles, and how they can positively benefit our ability to recover faster and remaining calm when held under.
• Learn tools to build greater stability, strength, and control over the areas of the body that need it most.
• Learn tools to develop greater mobility and ease of movement in the areas of the body that need it most.
• Develop a pre + post surf routine to better prepare you for when you get in the water, and help recovery when you get out of the water.

Join us on the mat for this fun & informative workshop!



10:00 - 13:00PM Hands as Feet with Dan Morgan: Handstanding for beginners and to refine alignment

Fear can sometimes get the better of us, especially when faced by a challenging posture such as Handstand. This workshops aims to break down this seemingly challenging posture, into manageable fear-free steps.

This workshop will bring you a deeper understanding of the relevant principles of a handstand, how to approach the practice safely, and give you the tools to approach it in your own time during and after the workshop. With a focus on the five key focus points of an inversion, and through practical experience of various skills and drills, this workshop will help you to obtain a solid foundation from which to build your inversions practice – leading to a more solid and consistent Inversion practice, and helping you to eventually find balance upside down with ease.


13:30 - 16:30PM Float and Flow with Dan Morgan: Handstands & Transitions

When we start attempting to get a little more dynamic in our yoga practice, certain transitions between postures can feel clumsy, clunky, heavy or basically impossible – and after a while this can become a little frustrating. However, with an intelligent approach to develop the necessary strength and mobility, these tricky transitions will begin to feel easy in no time!

This workshop will explore various ways that we can begin to develop our ability to move with more control, grace and ease – breaking down transitions or movements such as; being able to gracefully step and set our foot between our hands, to floating or jumping forward and back during our vinyasa, to floating into and out of crow, plank and side plank transitions, incorporating playful scissor kicks and handstands into your practice, and much more!

Please don’t feel put off by some of the activities mentioned, this workshop will be adapted based on the group of the day – looking at the postures or movements that feel most relevant to the group – so come along and have some fun with us as we delve into this workshop experience!




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