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 Much of the fitness, wellness and self improvement sectors have become a one-size fits all approach - not taking into consideration the individualised differences from person to person, not just physically speaking, but also emotionally. There isn’t an emphasis or importance put on getting to understand or know you, the client. Effectively speaking, you are just another body, in another gym, studio, or clinic… 

That was, and is still what I set out to change. We made it our ethos / mission to offer the highest level expertise, but delivered in a personalised and professional way - on a client-by-client basis. Founded by me, DCM Lifestyle was created to provide a personalised, multi-modal, and outcome based practice. So what does this mean?


What worked for someone else may not work for you. Therefore, I will get to know you generally, your reasons for coming to see me, and what you would like to get from working with me - so that I am able to build a trusting, beneficial and effective working relationship with you. I will collaborate and communicate with you during the whole process so that you are 100% clear on what we are doing and why we are doing it. I will work with you in a way that best suits your needs, your own personal or physical development, and the achievement of your chosen outcome.

Many people are content with certain aspects of their lives, but struggle to find the time for their own personal development, be that physical or mental. That is where I come in to support you on your journey! Discover, develop, and nurture the best versions of Yourself.  


About Dan


My name is Dan Morgan, and I’m a Brighton based Yoga & Movement Teacher, Transformative Life Coach, and Massage Therapist working out of London and Brighton UK. 

Where it all began

Movement and self development have both been a lifelong passion of mine. Since early childhood I’ve explored multiple different movement disciplines including Various Martial Arts, Calisthenics, Rugby, Gymnastics, Parkour, Snowboarding, Yoga and many more. I fell in love with movement from the very start, as it became a vehicle for me to express, develop and come to deeper understanding of myself. Being a hyper-active, but severely asthmatic child, movement allowed me to slowly develop my physical body enough to overcome the limitations of the condition, and deal with the frustrations of being still for too long. After years of movement, and overcoming asthma, it slowly became apparent to me that there was a deeper aspect to why I enjoyed movement so much. I recognised that through developing and understanding my physical body more, it opened the doorway for further self exploration and development.

why i decided to become a yoga teacher

As I grew into late teens / early adulthood, the stresses of life changed and the sense of frustration developed into anxiety, and eventually bouts of depression. Movement allowed me to escape it for a time, but it was short lived, and then the anxiety or depression would slowly return.  I realised that if I wanted to improve my inner state of wellbeing, I would need to combine my physical practices with some inner practice. This was the start of my practice of Yoga.

Through the development and use of more Mindful Movement, Somatics, Breathwork, and Meditative practices, I found a way to ground myself into the present moment. This allowed me to slow down enough to take more notice of my internal state. Yoga then become my practice of moving  deeper into self understanding, consciousness & awareness. 

It allowed me to explore my anxiety through a different lens, and to more deeply understand what would trigger the sense of discomfort, how to be with it, and then how to move past it.I wanted to be able to share my insights and experiences with others, so that they could find a personalised way of experiencing the physical and mental benefits of the practice - which eventually led me to studying further and become a Yoga Teacher. 


The more I worked with individuals or classes, it became apparent that touch with informed consent played such a huge part in people’s progress. I discovered that many people struggle with relationships of all sorts, with themselves, with  friends, with work  colleagues, with family, or with intimate  partners - and many feel unheard, unseen, isolated, stuck or lonely. Touch  can be so therapeutic in these circumstances. It also became apparent that despite having a semi-regular movement practice, many people still complained of aches and pains, injuries or niggles, that they were stressed or had issues sleeping - and that movement was either not improving the situation or making it worse. This led to me enquiring, and then training as an Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Therapist - giving me the skillsets to work with many clinical conditions such as Low back pain, Sciatica, Shoulder Impingement, Migraines, Chronic Pain, stress and much more. I was able to offer a more holistic approach to people that I worked (and currently work) with.


Continuing with my desire to learn and explore more, I also decided to train as a Transformative Life Coach. The process really enabled me to further deepen my self understanding, habitual conditioning, and limiting beliefs etc. It was through this process that I came to realise that a holistic multi faceted approach was what enabled me to more clearly define what would fulfil me, what I wanted from life, and how to make it happen. 

The need for change initially came with fear and resistance, but through working with my own personal coach, implementing much of what I had learnt on my training, I was able to start building the life I wanted to live (and now live) - to travel the world doing what I love. As well as the process being literally life changing for me, it also gave me the tools to facilitate those conversations and processes for others. It further enabled me in assisting others in discovering and becoming the best version of themselves.


This has all lead me to where I am now, where I continue to discover and learn more, and can continue offering more tools for helping individuals to develop and nurture an individual best self. I now lead specialised Workshops and CPD’s internationally, co-host international Yoga Teacher Trainings & Retreats,  guide regular weekly Yoga and Movement classes in London, and work with private clientele both in person (London & Brighton) and online. I hope to meet you in a class, private session, workshop, Retreat or Training soon.