Recognising Self-Worth and Practicing Self-Love.

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Good Afternoon everyone,

After a lovely weekend spending time with loved ones back in my Hometown in South-Wales, I feel rejuvenated and excited by the possibilities and ventures of a new week!

The quote for todays Mindful Monday Post is affiliated with the topic and practice of recognising Self-Worth, and through this recognition beginning to understand the importance of practicing Self-Love.

It is a quote from an incredible book I’m currently reading by Jordan B. Peterson called “12 Rules for Life: An antidote to Chaos.” Before we get into it, if you’re interested in reading more about the book or purchasing a copy (Highly Recommended) then click —> Here.

So without any further hesitation, here it is:

“To suffer terribly and to know yourself as the cause: that is Hell.” 
― Jordan B. Peterson

There are many ways that this could be interpreted, but as always - I can only really share my opinion on the matter. So in the coming paragraphs I will share my viewpoint for you to read and ponder on…

In life we can be subject to beautiful moments, rewards, promotions, excitement, love and enjoyment. However, we are then often met too by obstacles, difficulties and hardships - the polar opposite so to speak, as is the way of the life. There is good, there is bad. There is Yin, there is Yang. There is hot, there is cold. There is Order, there is Chaos.

This being said, there is a certain level of responsibility for the suffering that we bring into our own worlds. Of course, many aspects of our lives are beyond our control - there are factors that we just cannot control. However, and this is the bit that is hard to hear - there are many areas of our lives that we can consciously change, or at least influence. There are things in our lives that cause us to suffer, both externally and self-inflicted, that we could choose to do something about - and don’t! We allow ourselves to suffer. We play part creator of the suffering we endure.

Rather than me telling you what I think you should do, or directly telling you what I would do, I would like to finish this short read by posing some questions for you to consider. A list of rhetorical questions that I hope will begin to set the cogs in motion, or light a spark for you to see if there are any ways in which you could reduce the personal contribution you’re making to the suffering within your life.

  1. How conscious are you of your self-talk? Would you talk to others the way you talk to yourself? Could you practice being more aware of this? What are some alternative positive statements you could say to yourself (silently, aloud, to a mirror) that would better serve you?

  2. Do you feel fulfilled by your average daily life? Do you spend at least 5 minutes every day doing something you love, or for you? Would it be possible to just sneak in 5 minutes of You-Time somewhere in your day? How could you make sure you’re consistent with this gift to yourself.

  3. Do you currently have a practice of Self-Love / Nurturing Yourself / Self-care? If not, why not? Are there ways you could consistently implement this into your day? Are you giving your body healthy fuel on which to function and thrive? Do you make a conscious effort to keep your body happy & healthy? Do you regularly sleep enough hours so you feel refreshed and revitalised? Do you make a conscious effort to keep your mind happy & healthy i.e downtime, time in nature, time with loved ones, time spent doing your favourite activity, meditation, yoga, recreational sport etc - if so, when was the last time? could this be more regular? If not, could you make it something more regular? How could you make this a consistent addition to your day?

Of course there are many more questions to ponder on - but I feel the areas I have raised questions about are a good place to start. Begin with taking a (kind) look at yourself.

Okay think thats it for this weeks Mindful Monday. As always, if you’ve enjoyed reading this post and think people you know will also enjoy it or find it useful, then please don’t forget to Subscribe, like and share.

Catch you all tomorrow!

Big Love, DCMx