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Mindful Mobility @ Shoalin MMA Galway

  • Shoalin MMA Kilkerrin Park, Liosban Ind Est, Tuam Rd Galway Ireland (map)

In this workshop, Dan will take you through a full body stretching experience. Incorporating and educating you in various stretching techniques, this workshop will give you a deeper insight into your own body, and how to work with it in a more mindful way. Building a map of the tension areas in your body.

Each human body is different, we each have different habitual patterns that effect our bodies and the way we move. Through experimenting with various postures & stretching techniques, you will begin to understand your own body more - where you hold tension, where you have blockages and limitations. Not only will you become more mindful of your body in this workshop, you will learn how you can release that tension to bring more balance to your body.

Starting at the toes and working up to your head, this workshop will cover an array of different stretching and fascial release techniques - many of which you wouldn't experience in a normal yoga class.

Payment via PayPal or Online Banking - contact me for details.