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Ohmme Presents; Divine Play with Davi, Dan & Nick

Ohmme Yoga Clothing and Stretch have assembled a fantastic team of Male Yoga teachers (Nick Elisseos | Daniel Morgan | Davin Jones) to bring you an inspiring and empowering workshop of divine play.

If you've ever wanted an opportunity to attend a workshop that will shift your perspective, encourage you on your journey to taking flight, and help you discover greater balance and control in your practice - then get ready for a great experience with these fellas.

The workshop will begin with an Acro-Yoga partner warm up sequence to get you sweating, laughing and ready for what's to follow.

The boys will then lead you through a fun, informative, and comprehensive practice focusing on arm and hand balances - helping you to develop more stability and strength when on your hands.

You will learn the fundamentals of the straight handstand, with emphasis on proper alignment, strength, flexibility
Mobility, and stability. The workshop will then progress towards more challenging movements such as handstand press variations, guiding you through the process and practice step-by-step, so that you can learn how to progress and develop your practice moving forwards.

£25 members £30 non members

Great Ohmme discounts for everyone that attends!