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Workshop Weekend Tour Croatia


I’m really excited to be headed to Croatia this coming Spring to teach a weekend of workshops both in Zagreb and Dubrovnik!

I will be teaching two workshops in each city - have a read below to find out what i’m teaching

Saturday 27th (Zagreb)

10:00 - 12:00: Vinyasa Masterclass: A Complete and Balanced Practice

In this full-body extended vinyasa class, we take the time to work through the entire body - approaching each posture as way to come to a deeper understanding of yourself Physically. Exploring the anatomy + biomechanics of postures as we move, you’ll gain deeper understanding and insight into postures in relation to your unique body and mind. We will breathe, we will move, we will twist, we will flex, we will extend, we may even float or fly… This class will activate, stabilise and invigorate - as well as nurture, and allow time for release with a sense of ease as the practice draws to a close. Join us on the mat for a fully body and mind experience

14:00 - 16:30: Hands as Feet - Learn to Turn Your World Upside Down

The aim of this workshop is to bring you a deeper understanding of the relevant anatomy and alignment principles of a handstand.
With a focus on the five key focus points of an inversion, and through practical experience of various skills and drills, this workshop will help you to obtain a solid foundation from which to build your inversions practice - leading to a more solid and consistent Inversion practice, and helping you to find balance upside down with ease.

Sunday 28th (Dubrovnik)

10:00 - 12:00: Express and Explore - The Power Of Playful Movement (2.5 hours)

Through experimenting with various Yoga practices (Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha - to name a few) it is easy to see, that many of the lineages of Yogaasana express or outline a ‘right’
way of doing things - often with set sequencing, or set alignment cues for postures. For some, having a consistent structure for their practice provides a vehicle for them to move
deeper into their own practice (I used to be an Ashtangi). However, for some - set structure can eventually feel like a movement prison, constantly doing the same things the same way, every single day. This constant repetition and daily overuse (of potentially
damaging postures) leaves very little room for experimentation and inquiry, and can leave peoples bodies damaged, overstretched or injured. This workshop takes away the rule book, and allows the attendees to delve into the world of movement and play. It provides
a chance to develop both strength and mobility whilst finding a path that feels suited to the individual - whilst having fun!

The only form of bad posture, is the posture you’re always in - Join us on (or off) the mat, for this fun, experiential workshop of playful movement.

14:00 - 16:30: Control and Calibrate - The Mastery of Movement (2.5 hours)

Despite yogasana traditionally being used as a tool to help practitioners sit more comfortably to practice the other limbs of yoga, over the years it has become a melting pot of both old and modern movement influences. Rightly or wrongly, many people
aspire to do postures that seem more like contortion or gymnastics. There is nothing wrong with wishing to develop the ability to do these more complex movements or more extreme postures - but (in my opinion) it is important to first know your why, questioning
how these postures or movements will serve your body, your aims, your sport, or your lifestyle. Then secondly, to approach these more challenging displays of strength or mobility with a deeper understanding of how to move there as safely as possible with
control. Taking tools and influence from Yogaasana, FRC (Functional Range Control - mobility) and Calisthenics (bodyweight strength development) - this workshop gives insight into key principles for developing both strength and mobility that can be applied to your daily movement practices.

Spaces are limited so don’t hesitate to reserve your space!

For for any questions or to book your space contact us directly at

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