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Workshop Weekend Sweden

Dan Morgan Yoga |  Dan Morgan London Yoga

I’m really pleased and honoured to return to my Swedish Studio Home - YogaHuset Uppsala, for another weekend of Masterclasses and Workshops this coming Spring!

Over the weekend I will be teaching Three Masterclasses (Extended class length + more detail) and Two Workshops (Longer in duration, more detailed, more time to experiment and implement, more time for questions) - have a read about it all below..

Weekend schedule (all classes in English) 

Saturday June 15th: 

10-11.45: Touch Intelligence': A Subtle Movement Masterclass 

With so many distractions and stressors around us in every day life, distracted or overwhelmed by all that is external, it can leave very little time to balance out and bring focus to all that is internal. It can become easy to loose touch with how we feel - both Physically or emotionally. This masterclass aims to give you greater insight. We will explore the importance of a balanced nervous system, and will explore both movement and breath-work as a tool to develop both proprioception (our awareness of our body in space) and our interoception (our awareness of how we feel internally).

12.30-14.15: Control Yourself: A Functional Mobility Masterclass 

Taking tools and influence from Yogaasana, Functional Range Control / mobility, and bodyweight strength development - this masterclass gives insight into key principles for developing full body mobility and strength that can be applied to your daily yoga asana or movement practices.

15:00-18:00: Workshop: Hands as Feet - Learn to Turn Your World Upside Down

The aim of this workshop is to help you develop a deeper understanding of the alignment, Strength, Mobility and Balancing principles of a handstand. With a focus on the five key focus points of an inversion, and through practical experience of various skills and drills, this workshop will help you to obtain a solid foundation from which to build your inversions practice - leading to a more solid and consistent Inversion practice, and helping you to find balance upside down with ease.

Sunday June 16th:

10:00-11:45: Express and Explore: A Master Class Exploring the Power of Play 

Express and Explore: A Master Class Exploring the Power of Play. This masterclass takes away the rule book, and allows the attendees to delve into the world of movement and play. It provides a chance to develop both strength and mobility whilst finding a path that feels suited to the individual - all whilst having fun! The only form of bad posture, is the posture you’re always in - So it's time to step out the box! Join us on (or off) the mat, for this fun, experiential masterclass of playful movement.

13:00-16:00: Workshop: Tackling Tricky Transitions.

When we start attempting to get a little more dynamic in our yoga practice, certain transitions between postures can feel clumsy, clunky, heavy or basically impossible - and after a while this can become can become a little frustrating. However, with an intelligent approach to develop the necessary strength and mobility, these tricky transitions will begin to feel easy in no time! This workshop will explore various ways that we can begin to develop our ability to move with more control, grace and ease - breaking down transitions or movements such as; being able to gracefully step and set our foot between our hands, to floating or jumping forward and back during our vinyasa, floating into and out of crow, plank and side plank transitions, incorporating playful scissor kicks into your practice and much more! Please don't feel put off by some of the activities mentioned, this workshop will be adapted based on the group of the day - looking at the postures that feel most relevant to the group - so come along and have some fun with us as we delve into this workshop experience!

I hope you can join us for this weekend of Movement, Self exploration, and Self development!

Spaces are limited, so reserve your space now! Click —-> HERE.

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