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Inversion Immersion CPD Training @ Gort, Galway, Ireland.

  • Greenlotus Yoga Gort, Galway Ireland (map)
Dan Morgan Yoga | DCMLifestyle & Yoga | Handstand

Inversion Immersion CPD Course.

I'm excited to be leading this 4 Day inversion CPD as part of the Green Lotus Yoga 300HR YTT this coming April. Despite this module being part of the curriculum, it can also be taken as a stand alone module for those that choose to.

"Dan fuses knowledge from his diverse movement practices and yoga training together to bring you an in depth and informative exploration of inversions - both theoretically & in physical practice. This training will focus on everything from Plank, Crow and Crane to Headstand, Forearm-stand, handstands and other core and arm balancing poses and transitions - to give you the tools and knowledge to understand, master and teach the poses. 

Dan is a fun and creative teacher with a wealth of knowledge  - so don’t let his youthful looks deceive. If you want to learn how to arm balance + handbalance safely, with stability and ease, and also learn how to teach the same to your students, this training is for you ! 

This training is open to teachers who want to deepen their understanding of inversions and to teach their students with a greater wealth of knowledge and experience.

As this a CPD training, it is assumed that each student has at least a basic level of anatomy knowledge, asana practice, and a confidence and desire to practice arm balances & inversions - as a guideline, ideally students should have the strength and confidence to kick up to the wall in handstand.

Although this training is designed with continued development as a teacher in mind, all yoga practitioners are welcome to attend. However if you are a practitioner and not currently a teacher, we recommend that if you want to teach the work, that you do this training in conjunction with a 200 hr training. 

Below is a list of some things you can expect from the training:

  • Warm Up Protocols.
  • How to safely and effectively spot + adjust arm and handbalances.
  • Understand and learn to teach your students how to achieve both Strength & Stability + Mobility & Flexibility with various drills and skill Progressions + Regressions, to get your students or yourself safely from A-B.
  • Understanding Basic Competency - basic physical assessments to indicate a students evel of capability - what are your students ready for? Is it your job to guide them?
  • Learn the Benefits and counter-indications of an inversions Practice.
  • Understanding Fear - The physical effects anxiety has on our Asana (physical) Practice and why.
  • Functional Anatomy and Physiology of headstand, Forearmstand, Handstand and more.
  • Technique classes for high plank, chaturanga, crow, crane, headstand, forearm-stand, handstand and many other arm and hand balances.
  • Understanding and applying Float mechanics: how do we float? Understanding Weight distribution.
  • Incorporation of jump through, jump back, crow, handstand, handstand press into your vinyasa.
  • Sequencing for a safe and effective ArmBalance Classes.
  • Sequencing for a Safe an effective inversions Class.
  • Learn the Five F's teaching methodology for workshops.
  • And more…

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