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Workshop Weekend @ Solir, Reykjakík, Iceland.

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I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be starting my 2019 working year with a weekend of Workshops being hosted in Solir, Reykjavík!

I will be teaching three workshops across the weekend:

Friday 4th

17:30 - 19:00: ‘The Full Body Re-boot’ - a Vinyasa Masterclass.

In this full-body extended vinyasa class, we take the time to work through the entire body - approaching each posture as way to come to a deeper understanding of yourself Physically. Exploring the anatomy + biomechanics of postures as we move, you’ll gain deeper understanding and insight into postures in relation to your unique body and mind.

We will breathe, we will move, we will twist, we will flex, we will extend, we may even float or fly…

This class will activate, stabilise and invigorate - as well as nurture, and allow time for release with a sense of ease as the practice draws to a close.

Join us on the mat for a fully body and mind experience.

Saturday 5th January

9:00 - 12:00: ‘Mobility for Cyclists’

‘Whether you are a competitive racer, commuter cyclist, or fair weather cyclist - chances are you will spend a lot of time hunched forward over your handlebars!
In order to be the best we can at our chosen sport, we assume the posture that allows us to perform at our optimum - which of course makes total sense!
However, often the posture we have on the bike can get carried into our every day lives, which could cause potential problems…
Being stuck in poor postural patterns for long periods of time can lead to a lack of mobility, those common ‘tight’ spots, and can often result in pain.
Once we have finished our cycle for the day, it is important that we are able to correct our posture and bring balance and mobility back to the body.

This workshop looks at addressing the common postural problems that can occur for cyclists - this workshop will give you the tools you can use to bring balance back to your body after you have finished with your cycling for the day. It will help you to ‘reset’ the body so that you are both mobile and pain free - in life and on your bike!’

13:00 - 17:00: ‘From Plank to Pendant: A Workshop on Building Foundational Strength for your Arm Balances.

‘This workshop explores the fundamentals of stability and mobility for a range of arm balances - starting with postures like plank, and working our way through crow, side crow, crane, EPK 1 + 2, flying pigeon, pendent, single leg crow, crane to handstand if you want...

Through understanding how we build a solid foundation, the practice can then be built upon - and flying becomes easier and easier!

Please don't feel put off by some of the postures mentioned, this workshop will be adapted based on the group of the day - looking at the postures that feel most relevant to the group - so come along and have some fun with us as we fly into this workshop experience!’

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