The Blog Is Back!

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Hello Readers,

I hope you're all doing well?

I’ve been thinking for a while about whether or not I wanted to start blogging again - whether it was something I saw as worthwhile, and whether or not I felt I could share something of value with you / anyone that may read. The conclusion I came to, is that if anything I share helps / informs / influences just one reader, then it was time well spent. The blog is Back!

For reading variety, and a broad range of personal interests - the blog will feature all sorts: My Travelling Adventures to Various places, Restaurants / Coffee Shops / Awesome things I’d recommend in the Different Places I travel to, Yoga Tips + Advice, New Music / Art / Films / Documentaries I discover that I think you may Love, Recipes I like to Cook, Lessons I learn Along the Way, Anything and Everything that I think may be interesting, useful or at least amusing - also things that I feel will give more depth to me as a person for those of you that don’t yet know me personally.

So I guess that would be a good place to start… who am I, what am I about, What do I do, Why do I do it, what am I passionate about?

Lets Start with the some Basics:

  • Name: Dan (Christopher) Morgan

  • Sex: Male

  • Age (At time of Writing): 26

  • Birth place: Cardiff, Wales.

  • Current Place of Residence: Brighton, UK.

  • Eye Colour: Blue

  • Job / Vocation: International Yoga Teacher + Yoga Teacher Trainer.

  • Purpose: Facilitating situations and environments for others to see the best in themselves + to encourage them to pursue whatever it is that makes them feel truly happy, fulfilled and alive.

  • Favourite colour: Changes all the time.

  • Favourite place to be: Outdoors.

  • Coffee or Tea: Tough choice - probably coffee though [ only if its good ;) ]

  • Favourite food: Don’t make me answer that.

  • Do I Drink Alcohol: From time to time.

  • Do I have fixed opinions on Diet: No - I don’t feel food choices is how we should define ourselves or be defined.

  • Tattoos: One (So Far) 

  • Loves : Yoga (Obviously), Music, Movement in General, People and Connection, Nature, Travel, New Experiences, Learning New Things, Deep Conversations, Creating, BBQs, Coffee… this could become a long list.

Does any of this matter?  Maybe, and maybe not - but at least now you know a little more about me from these facts. I hope in time that through reading what I have to share, and if I meet you in person at some point and we hang out, that your understanding of me shapes and grows.

So lets leave it there for now - if you wish to follow my journey, you can subscribe to this blog or follow me over on my Instagram on @dcmlifestyle, and if you wish to hang out have a look at my events page on coming to your country or a country near you soon ;) !

Thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to sharing more with you very soon.

Big Love,


Daniel Morgan