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This Weekend I ventured South-East to the vibrant city of Brighton & Hove to hang out with good friend, fellow yoga teacher and creative Jake Paul White. Having collaborated virtually the last few months, and both finally having the time to hang out in person, we thought we'd take the time to get creative with some joint ventures.

This weekend Jake helped me to re-create a strong and unique online presence - a combination of honest lifestyle and yoga photography, unique and minimalistic logo design, and authentic brand identity. The combination of these elements lead to the creation of my new website this weekend. Being multi talented with a diverse skill set, this weekend allowed Jake to explore using the combination of all these skills in a singular creative venture. Jake was excited to combine his passion for lifestyle photography with his existing love for graphic design and branding. 

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Daniel Morgan Lifestyle Photoshoot
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With the growth of my business the past six months (now being a full time Yoga teacher), I felt it important, and was excited to refresh and re-create an online presence that is an honest reflection of my personality and style.The desire to start blogging again has been something on my mind for the last few months, and now I have the time to be more creative in this area, I hope to share a lot more with you all in the coming months and years.

Keep an Eye on this space and over on Jakes website  as we're planning more collaborations in the near future: workshops, retreats, and creative projects.

You can see Jakes design work over @ www.jakepaulwhite.com

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