Top-Tip Thursday: Becoming a Successful Yoga Teacher.

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It’s time for Thursdays Top-Tip, and this week i’m excited to share that we have our first guest feature! This Week we hear from one of my very good friends Jake Paul White. As well as being a highly regarded teacher in the world of Yoga and Movement, Jake is best known for his Branding, Design and photography “Helping high vibe entrepreneurs elevate their brands”. His work is highly regarded throughout the wellness industry, and to mention just a few…he has worked with the likes of Rachel Brathen (YogaGirl), Bryce Yoga (Briohny Smythe + Dice Iida Klein), and Budokon University (Cameron Shayne).

So without any further hesitation, here’s what Jake has to offer you for this weeks Top Tip Thursday!


Here’s the Quick Takeaway for those of you in a rush…

“In order to have a successful Yoga Teaching Career, you need to know your what, your why, who your dream customer is, and how you wish for your Brand to be received by the world.”

Continue reading to understand and explore this knowledge more…

A successful yoga teaching career takes more than sequencing an awesome class, understanding of the chakras or demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of anatomy. It takes clarity and confidence to forge your own path and create a sustainable career off of your passion. The branding process will help you refine your services and create a clear trajectory for you and your yoga teaching. Mastering your brand will help you develop an honest and authentic relationship with your audience both on and off the mat.  

To stand out from the crowd, you must build a brand that is righteously authentic. After all, there are plenty of yoga teachers out there, but only one you!

The next 3 questions will act as your guiding light as to build your brand…

01] What is your mission statement? What do you do? Why do you do it?

A clear why statement is essential. It serves as a compass. Like fiery tapas, it gives you reason and purpose and forces you to make choices from your intrinsic motivation. Furthermore, a clear why statement attracts people who believe in what you believe, which is vital for creating a lasting career.

02] Who is your dream customer?

Simply put: know who you’re talking to! Just as you wouldn’t speak to a six-year-old girl the same way you would speak to a sixty-year-old woman, don’t overgeneralise your marketing to try to attract everyone. This is A) impossible and B) unproductive (sorry not sorry!). Why waste your time trying to convince everyone to use your services when you could just speak directly to the people that are already in need? Instead of trying to appeal to every person on the planet, direct your content to one type of client. Ask yourself: Who is my dream customer? What do they think? Where do they hang out? What problems do they want me to solve? Take time to get to know your dream client. Then tailor your content to that person.

03] If your business were a person, how would you describe them?

Determining your brand’s personality helps you find your communication style and connect to your target audience (can we say sold out classes?). This will serve as the basis for all of your marketing and communications. Choosing the right fonts, colours, and images are easier when you have your brand personality nailed down. Luckily for you, as a yoga teacher, your brand is based on your own personality and teaching style!

Now that you have these questions answered, the next step is to follow this link to download your free branding for yogis e-book to take your questions and turn them into magic. Your own personal brand!

Remember: There may be thousands of yoga teachers out there, but there is only one you!


So thats it for this weeks Top Tip Thursday - I hope you make use of this fantastic advice!

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