Remind yourself of the beauty that lies just beyond your Doorstep.

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Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Welcome back for another post for Wednesdays Ways to Live a Happier Life.

It’s a beautiful day to be alive here in Brighton today, I hope the weather is treating you as kindly wherever you are in the world reading this!

So this weeks Way to live a happier life is short and sweet:

“Remind yourself of the beauty that lies just beyond your Doorstep.”

Many people find themselves future pacing, always looking to the next best thing, to some far off place that seems more exotic and exciting [I myself am often guilty of this]…and of course, it’s not a negative thing to dream…but if you’ve lost sight of all that is beautiful around you, then it’s time to ground and remind yourself that beauty doesn’t only exist in some far off place - it can be experienced Anywhere & Everywhere!

This may seem fairly obvious, but when put into practice it can have quite profound effects.

Action Steps:

  1. Next time you walk to work, or during your lunch break, see if you can spot 3-5 beautiful sights within the vicinity. Something as simple as sunlight passing through the leaves of a tree, the excitement of a puppy in the park, the bright colours of a specific flower, the delicious smells as you walk past a restaurant… you get the idea. Start to wake up, take notice of what has become familiar.

  2. Actually see your loved ones for who and what they are - not a passing glance that has a become habitual, not deafened ears because you think you’ve heard it all, or taking them for granted because they’ve always been there… Think about how fortunate are you to have these people in your life. Think about all the happy memories you’ve shared with them, all the lessons you’ve learnt, how much you’ve seen them grow and how they’ve seen you grow, all the good times + all the bad, these are your people - appreciate them, truly. As everyone and everything eventually comes to an end.

  3. Wake up early enough to see your local sunrise at a local place of natural beauty. We all seem to do it many other countries, why not your own?

  4. Google the most beautiful places to visit in your local are - and start ticking them off!

  5. Enjoy the comfort of your own home - you won’t always be fortunate enough to have your comfy bed, or your bath, or your special mug. Enjoy the seemingly simple things!

I think thats enough to get you going with re-establishing a deeper connection with the place you call home!

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for Top-Tip Thursday where we have a guest sharing some of their worldy wisdom with you!

Thats it for now,

Much love, DCMx.

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