Out of Chaos, Grows Opportunity.

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A Happy Mindful Monday to whoever you are reading this post!

It’s the start of another beautiful week, and as always - i’d like to offer you something to ponder on to set you up for the week. So without any further hesitation, here it is:

“In the middle of chaos lies opportunity.” – Bruce Lee.

Often we are faced with moments, events, or potentially prolonged periods of time that feel like everything has gone wrong, that everything is collapsing around you, that there is only bad and no good, that it simply couldn’t get any worse…well unfortunately sometimes, such is life.

Its the classic example of Yin and Yang, the divine feminine and masculine, solar and lunar energy…there are many variations on these two poles, but to keep it concise in this post - with order, eventually comes chaos and with chaos, eventually again comes order.

If we are able to truly accept this universal rule, then we are likely to suffer considerably less - and I know what you’re thinking…easier said than done. I get it. I’ve been there many times before, and will be there many times to come.

It doesn’t matter what chaos we are subject to, as it does not have to define us…we are defined by how we choose to respond to the opportunity that the unexpected provides us with. Do you choose to view this drastic change as everything in ruin, or do you choose to see it as an opportunity to learn, to grow, to re-evaluate, to reconsider, to start again, to try something new - is it a curse or a gift?

So lets make this practical…Here are some action steps to get you going. It is a system I use if i’m struggling to see chaos as a gift. So here goes!

Action Steps:

  1. Express! Write / Draw / Paint / Create…do whatever you need to rid yourself of any pain, disappointment, or bad feeling you may have - and then choose to be done with it.

  2. Acknowledge, accept, forgive…but don’t forget- what is done, is done…But learn from it.

  3. What were the 5 major lessons you learnt from said event?

  4. Maybe the Chaos created some space…if so, how could you best utilise it?

Of course battling through hardships is far from an easy task, especially considering all pain and suffering is relative. As ever with these action steps, my intention is not to down play how challenging overcoming chaos or hardship is, more to provide immediate steps so you can begin the process of positively benefiting from a seemingly negative situation - a process that requires continuous desire and willingness to practice from each and every one of us.

I hope that you find these steps useful. Okay…thats it for tonight, time to rest up!

Catch you tomorrow for Tutorial Tuesday.

Much Love, DCMx.

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