Regularly put yourself in situations where you are a complete beginner.

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Whats good everyone?

Welcome back to another week of Top Tip Thursday.

This weeks tip - Regularly put yourself in situations where you are a complete beginner.

So lets look at this a little more…

It is much less challenging, and far more appealing for many to be the big fish in a small pond, as it is unlikely that they will be challenged in arenas where they are deemed to be highly proficient or a professional. Why do we think this may be? Because it keeps us exactly where many of us like to be…right inside our comfort zone, the top of the pecking order, in our happy place where everything is nice, simple, easy…and things are unlikely to go wrong.

That being said…I ask you this - when you’re sat snuggly inside your comfort zone, how much do you learn, grow, or even develop?

Today I embarked on a new venture of learning - I’m training to become a bodyworker. It is something that I’ve been considering for quite a while now, but due to time and financial restriction, was something that remained a dream rather than a reality until today!

Well…day one, and I’ve already learned so much. Of course, much of what I’ve learnt has been relevant to the topic at hand - Hands-on bodywork fusion techniques & anatomy etc. However, it is also re-teaching me some very powerful lessons that seem to come up any time I decide to embark into the realms of something new.

The biggest key take away for me today - Being put in situations where I’m the complete beginner not only allows me to learn new things, but it offers massive amounts of fresh perspective / alternatives to the way I currently approach and utilise any of my existing skillsets. Also, more importantly - how I could refresh, revamp and improve areas of my studies and teaching.

Im a firm believer that as teachers, it is so important to also always be a student - not just to update outdated content or knowledge, but mainly so as to continue broadening our awareness of self.

The longer we are out of beginner mindset, continuing to do things the same old way, getting stuck in similar patterns - the more out of touch with ourselves, our peers, or our students we can become.

So don’t let it happen! Provide yourself with opportunities to learn, develop and to grow! 

Be willing to place yourself right in the realms of discomfort - be the small fish in a big pond. There is so much gold to be found!

I leave you with a quote to ponder on:

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few” - Shunryu Suzuki.

Anyways - time for some homework studies, and some much needed rest ahead of day two tomorrow!

Much Love, DCMx

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