Fridays' Friyay Give-away!

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Happy Friday Everyone!

I’ve been thinking about adding this feature into to my weekly blog for a while - reason being? I wanted to offer something bring a positive close to the working week for each and every one of you!

So here’s how it’s going to work…Each Friday I will offer one, or a number things from my personal week or something from within my network that I feel may offer some positive value to your life - be that a happy dance, a laugh, a smile, a happy stomach, a new item for your wardrobe…and so on.

Sometimes it’ll be something as simple as a new song i’ve discovered or a recipe I enjoyed…other weeks it could be a giveaway collaboration with a brand I think highly of! So Hopefully you enjoy this new addition.

So this week we’ll kick things off with something small…

Here’s a really feel-good song that came on my Spotify Radio playlist that created a really positive start to my day - The track is called “Someday I’m Going Away” by a band called ‘The Hip Abduction’…I hope you enjoy:

You can listen to it on Spotify by clicking —> Here

You can listen to it on Youtube by clicking —> Here

If you think anyone you know will enjoy this feature make sure to let them know and tell them to subscribe!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

Much Love, DCM x