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Happy Monday Everyone!

It’s the start of another beautiful week, another week full of potential opportunities!

Do you ever feel like others are more lucky than you? or that things are happening to or for other people but not you? Of course these instances could just be coincidental, situations that were right place right time or circumstantial, and from the outside looking in they can be potentially frustrating if you feel like you are at a stand-still and everyone else around you is lucking out…

So i’d like to offer you simple and short quote that may offer you insight into how you can improve your ‘Luck’ - here it is:

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” - Seneca.

As I previously mentioned, maybe in certain examples of people getting lucky, it was a completely random coincidence…but it is also important to be aware that they may have been preparing for an opportunity for a very long time, that one day presented itself - and they said yes, or were successful.

We could all sit around moaning about how this person was lucky because of that, or because they got the promotion, or they got the new this, or that they were selected for that…or we could choose to be proactive in studying, learning, practicing, and performing in preparation, and then putting ourselves in environments that allow us to be exposed to potential opportunity.

Same as always - I like to offer actionable points, so here are a few things for you to be mindful of as you tackle this week, and also to provide a little Motivation for each of you:

  1. Are you spending more time concerned with how lucky or fortunate others are, instead of focusing on nurturing yourself and improving your own circumstances?Stop wasting your time worrying or comparing yourself and your circumstances with others. This will only cause resentment, and won’t bring you any closer to achieving or getting what you want. Streamline your focus, and use it to make to maximise your given skillset so that you can make the most out of each opportunity.

  2. Have opportunities come up in the past, but for whatever reason you said no, or it wasn’t right, or you weren’t ready or something of this nature? Say Yes. Don’t let fear hold you back. If you’ve been preparing - then you will either already be ready or you will be ready when it is required for you to be. To put it simply…you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy the ticket.

  3. Are you proactive, or are you waiting for luck to fall into your lap? If opportunities don’t present themselves - then create them for yourself. Don’t be passive all the time and expect things to fall in your lap - maybe they will, and maybe they won’t. If they don’t - do something about it.

That’s it for this Mindful Monday Post - the week is yours, go and get it!

Catch you tomorrow for Tutorial Tuesday!

Much Love, DCMx

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