Top Tip Thursday: Optimising Your Health and Wellbeing with Dominic Rapson.

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Good Afternoon Tribe,

It’s that time of the week again - and i’m excited to bring you another guest writer for this weeks Top Tip Thursday.

This Week we welcome Dominic Rapson. He is a specialist of Primal Nutrition, works with Chronic / Degenerative issues, is a raw movement & Calisthenics Coach, is an Online Holistic/Nutrition Coaching and is the founder of ‘Origins of Vitality’ . If you you wish to read more about Dom, his business, his ethos and method etc then be sure to click on the link!

So without further hesitation, here is this weeks Top Tip from Dom…

“When considering your Health, Vitality, Nutrition and Wellbeing - don’t just take others peoples word for what will be best for you, or trust in any random, potentially biased and uncontrolled studies off of the internet without first looking deeper into it’s origins and reliability.”

Read on as Dom explores this further…


“How do you differentiate between nutritional wisdom and conventional vested science/studies? Keeping an open mind and diving into experience is key, importantly also is to look at human biochemistry with the use of science and research completed in the name of understanding chemicals...not selling them.

Nutritional trends have been big talk and movements over the last 10 years on social media and the health industry. There is a super new style of diet every other year, and massive amounts of companies get behind the trend and try to reap the benefits. Athletes are endorsed and new products are made with the labels or hashtags driving the momentum of the diet trends. From this we start to see memes, biased studies using epidemiology, and social media pictures promoting test tube science. These are dangerous and confusing to the public. We must understand that singling out chemicals in test tubes or Petri dishes in labs, only gives an isolated out come and not a whole biochemical system. For example, many vegetables will be said to cure cancer because of 2-3 isolated compounds (vitamins), but the other 70 or more compounds in the vegetable have a cancer causing effect when all together and separately...highly misleading.

Just because it’s all there in broccoli, for example Protein and Phytates... does not mean the body can use it in the forms available. So what happens then, the little incomplete aminos not utilised and Phytates aggravating the digestive system.

Another example is superfoods, extorting 3rd world countries and their population to traffic and sell at expensive prices to western developed world countries. So using old vitamin c science to say the superfoods will heal the body, but we know biochemically as a whole in the body looking at it holistically, that glucose and vitamin c follow the same pathway and compete for absorption. Unfortunately glucose always outbids vitamin c and so for the price you are paying for a vitamin c supplement or superfood, you are not gaining any enhancement absorption that will revamp the immune system as you are told.

It’s best to always look at the person, whether doctor, nutritionist, scientist or coach and analyse their health and interest. If they look how you want to look, have a passion for health and not selling products or ideas. But rather applying and giving experience with well informed/studied science, from non vested companies, you will find more truth, that should relate to ancestral health and able to be found yourself online in evident history. For example Dr Weston A Price and his studies as a dentist, in primitive tribes and well accessible societies around the world, looking at nutrition and physical degeneration in humans.

I have been leading my nutritional work in dealing with chronic/degenerative illness and performance with longevity, by experience of testing my body over years in many styles/trends in nutrition, such as vegan/raw vegan, paleo, bulk of my nutritional success with clients around the world with Ketosis, and now fully ancestral/primitive and holistic protocols.

Apart from studying standard nutrition, holistic nutrition, iridology, Ayurveda and always keeping up with the old and latest biochemical studies of the intelligent human animal. Journeying and experiencing 1st hand tribal living around the world, gave me the confidence and knowledge to see how simple our vessels can be run at optimum.

So remember to not just take anything or any random uncontrolled studies off the internet without looking into the background and interest of the study, especially how it has been composed and how broad. Learn the animals eating patterns and food chains of nature, then also your own physiology, compare and apply your understanding to the study, rather than blindly agreeing. Try to find a professional to work with that teaches the why, not just to follow.”


Thats it for this weeks Top Tip Thursday - as I said above, to find out more information about Dom / Origins of Vitality, just click HERE.

Also - be sure to check in tomorrow as Dom is kindly offering a free giveaway download for this weeks Fridays’ Friyay Giveaway!

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